Girls x Hate

It has come to my attention that a great amount of girls do not understand the importance of being there for one another. Standing up for our right to feel beautiful without being looked at, or treated as objects. Women are, and never will be tools. Our bodies are not for you to use and throw away. This goes for every human being, no matter what. The purpose of feminism is to spread awareness that women and men are NOT treated equally, and if you do your research, or pay attention in history class, you probably know that already.

Being the misunderstanding of many, people get the idea that feminism is this movement basically saying “Fuck men, women are better”.. and if you are claiming to be a feminist while thinking you need to bash on all men, you are sending a completely different kind of message across. The entire point of feminism is to EMPOWER and UNITE to create an EQUAL environment for both men AND women.

For some odd reason, it annoys the living crap out of people when a girl says she is feminist, or when a women let alone, brings up the word “feminism”. It is almost as if people think women are doing this to bash on men, when in reality, us feminists, are literally being the change we want to see in the world.

I find it insanely odd that people claim to want change, but yet sit around praising celebrities for their looks and their money. If you are not contributing to making a change, who are you to come and bash on individuals that put their soul into what they do to make a difference? Stop for a second and ask yourself why you are annoyed. Why does it annoy you? Now analyze your reasoning and put yourself in the shoes of a woman.

It has always been extremely difficult for teenage girls to keep friends, or even make friends. For many, it can sometimes be because of the simple fact that so many girls are so hateful, and feel the need to talk down on each other. I don’t understand why we can’t just look at eachother and respect that we all make our own choices. What we do with our life and our body, is OUR choice. Since when do we have to make choices according to what others might think? Since when do we have to be afraid of doing what we are free to do? Who ever told a girl it was a competition? Who told you to call other girls names? Or talk down on them for their own choices? You do not have to agree. All you have to do is love. Love, and be willing to accept.


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