How “County Line” by Cass McCombs awakened a very important spot in my soul..

I had heard the song before. I had an iPod Touch at the time. I was probably around 12 years old. I was listening to my music on my iPod one day, just like any kid in 2012. My music was on shuffle, so this random song I wasn’t familiar with came on. “County Line?.. Cass McCombs? Why is this on my ipod?” To this day, I actually have no idea how it got there. I have never even bothered to ask anyone in my family if they had downloaded it. The point is, it was there. It was playing through my earphones and I liked it.. I liked it a lot.

Years passed. It was now December of 2015, and I was in Mexico spending the holidays with my family. Little did I know, that song would become the highlight of my trip. Not only that, but a somewhat awakening. The awakening of a very dear part of my soul. A part that had not yet been reached in the music language.

As I sat in my aunt’s beat up van, I stared out the window with my earphones in. I had “County Line” by McCombs on repeat. We passed street vendor after street vendor. Tourist after tourist. A little after, we were on the highway passing land that seemed to be never-ending. Land that looked so warm.. so familiar. Everything I saw, my mind captured so clearly. It all made me feel so.. warm, so.. familiar.

It was now July of 2016, I was on youtube. I somehow stumbled upon a video named ” Cass McCombs – County Line”, and guess what? It was shockingly the video to the song! I clicked on it, obviously not expecting anything spectacular. I mean, it was JUST a music video, right? Nothing special. Think again.

This video not only depicts exactly what I had lived and seen during my time in Mexico, but it also awakened a very important part of my soul. A very deep part in my roots. The combination of sky, land, culture, a car window, people dancing, selling, living. It all came together in such a natural manner, it almost seemed effortless.

This video blends in a way I had never before seen in any other music video. It takes the reality of the physical world and it’s people, and somehow manages to match the entire feel of the song, with the motion picture. It shines the light on the details; the victims of human observation; things that many do not take the time to appreciate. A mix of nostalgia and admiration. Take a look for yourself.



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